"Ragdoll puppies " are a combination of an AKC Shih Tzu and an AKC Bichon Frise.  This is the only "true" mix for a Ragdoll . 

Ragdolls are the EXACT same mix as a Teddybear.  There is no difference.

They weigh 10 to 14 pounds as adults, average is 12 pounds.  Occasionally we have the toysized ones which are 5-7 pounds as adults.

They are non-shedding and are great for people with allergies.

To keep them in full coats they will require 15 minutes a day of grooming to keep them mat free.

Most often they are kept in a "puppy" cut which will require a visit every 8-10
weeks to a groomer.

Their temperament is exceptional!! They are excellent with children. I represent them as follows: "Gentle companions for children, affectionate lap warmers for seniors".

They are smart and housebreak easily!! It is possible to litter box train these puppies. They are gentle with other animals and are not diggers, barkers, or chewers.

They are healthy and long lived, average life span 14 to 16 years.

They can come in just about any color....depending on the color of the parents.

Boys make OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!! pets provide you neuter them by the age of 5 months (NO older).  They will squat to go potty, not lift their leg, hump or roam. They are also very tolerant of small children. That does not mean that the girl's are not exceptional too :o) but one should not limitthere choices by picking one sex over the other, both make WONDERFUL family

Our puppies are sold at around 10 weeks of age. They are current on all shots and have been Vet checked. There is a written health guarantee. Explicate house training instructions are given to you, so that things go smoothly.