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Prices start at $1,000

Air Shipping and Ground Delivery Available
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Please Note: Tiny Toy puppies are not available to homes with children under the age of 8 as they are not a suitable size to make an appropriate pet for young children.  They can not be left for more than 3-4 hours at a time. If you must leave them longer - you are not a suitable home for them.

Last Updated 08/10/18

"YoYo" Boy (C)
DOB: 04/12/18
(Pix Taken 07/26/18)

"Sleepy" Boy
DOB: 05/20/18
(Pix Taken 08/08/18)
HOLD for Julie!

"Truffles" Boy (D)
DOB: 06/06/18
(Pix Taken 08/08/18)

"Truffles" Boy (E)
DOB: 06/06/18
(Pix Taken 08/08/18)

The Following Puppy is a Purebred Bichon Frise
There is a Spay Requirement

"Topsy" Girl
DOB: 05/14/18
(Pix Taken 07/14/18)
Watch for Photos of  These Upcoming Litters
"Elsa", Tiny Toy-Toysize, DOB: 06/06/18 (Girl and Boys)
"Bunny", DOB: 06/24/18 (Girls and Boys)
"Dimples", DOB: 07/15/18 (Girls and Boys)

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Air Shipping/Ground Delivery

Ground delivery to Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Minnesota may be available depending on exact location. 
Cost varies by distance and in some instances, airline shipping may be a better option.  Inquire.
Airline Shipping is $375 which includes the vet check, health papers, airline approved crate (you keep for housetraining) and airline fees.  Puppies will not be shipped until 11-12 weeks of age. We only ship via Delta
Dash as they have an outstanding pet program and only accept two pets per a flight.
We do not ship freight as some breeders do

For more information e-mail
or call (715)823-2165 from 8:00am-7:00pm central time (Mon-Sat)
* No Sunday Calls Please (Family Day) *

Sunday Appointments Considered On Individual Basis

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