Can you Imagine a Life Without a Pet?
Someday You May Have Too...

Click Here to Learn the Ugly Truth About the HSUS
and their supporters (PETA, ASPCA, WI Citizens Against Puppy Mills)

Please click on the links below to educate yourself about the HSUS, PETA and the Wisconsin Citizens Against Puppy Mills and about their ultimate goal:
NO pet ownership of any type of animal

We Are Not A Puppymill!                                                     
2) From AKC: Can You Imagine a World Without Dogs?                
3) From AKC: Where Did All The Dogs Go?                                 
4) HSUS: The real Story of the Animal Rights Corporation               
5) Animal Rights Versus Animal Welfare Overview                       
Animal Rights Versus Animal Welfare - What you Should Know  
The Difference Between Animal Rights & Animal Welfare - FAQ

8) Animal Rights: It's Not Animal Welfare                                     
From AKC: Preserve Your Rights as a Dog (or Pet) Owner        
Myth Busters! Challenging Animal Rightist Rhetoric with Facts!
From AKC: Animal Limit Laws, Better Alternatives                 
Reason Why Breeding Restrictions are Wrong                          

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