Why Should I Crate Train My Puppy?

Crate training your puppy  is an essential element in housebreaking.  Puppies do not like to soil their resting or sleeping quarters. A crate can actually be a functional space for your puppy in many ways. Crate training puppies increases bladder and bowel control. Additionally, crate training creates a "den" for your pet, a "safe" place for your puppy when you aren't at home or when there are strange people in the house.

Top Reasons to Crate Train

Beyond the utility of crate training in the house breaking process and the fact that the crate provides a man-made "den" for the animal, the crate will also insure that your puppy will be safe when you aren't at home. Puppys get bored and are apt to go rummaging around the house, increasing their chance of chewing something on which they can choke or getting into electrical cords. The crate gives the puppy a home base and gives you better peace of mind during the times when you have to leave your pet unattended.

Having said that, don't use your crate as a puppy prison. Having a puppy is a time commitment. You need to be able to be with your puppy more than you are away from him and to insure that he never stays in his crate for hours at a time. Especially if you are an apartment dweller, think carefully about whether or not your lifestyle and available free time will allow you to make a puppy a part of your life.

When you are home, leave the door of the crate open. You'll be surprised to discover that there will be times when the puppy goes to his crate on his own when he wants to hide, to get away from small children, or has a need to feel safe. Crate training your puppy gives him some choices about his own environment and a way to cope when he's insecure, wary, or anxious.

Since the point of crate training a puppy is not to isolate him from the family but to give him his own space within the family, choose a wire crate that will give the puppy a sense of being apart but will also let him see everything that's going on. Always remember that puppy crate training is not a punishment. Make sure the crate is large enough for the animal and give him a nice cushion for his "den."

As an added incentive to crate train puppy, a puppy used to being in a crate will adapt better to travel. Crate training your puppy will make it easier for you to take your puppy with you on trips and even, if necessary, to fly by plane. (Always carefully check out how the airline on which you plan to fly handles crated animals. For small puppys it's probably better to buy another seat for the crate.)

We hope these tips help you and your new puppy enjoy a long healthy life!!