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Appointment to see them in Clintonville...

Please Call 715-823-5355 or
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Calls accepted 8:00am-7:00pm (Monday Through Saturday)
No Sunday calls accepted at number above as our family day!

If you can not reach us at the above number - please e-mail.

Puppies are generally ready to go between 10-16 weeks of age depending on size and breed.
Their date of birth (DOB) is under their picture.

If they are old enough to go and not at the shop it is due to space constraints at the shop
(we do not overcrowd our puppies). Please contact us to see when they will
be at the shop or to make an appointment to come to our home to visit.

Looking for a place to get your puppy's vaccinations
completed and spay/neuter for a reasonable price?

Locations: West Allis, Milwaukee, Saukville, Mount
Pleasant, Green Bay, Sturgeon Bay

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NO Deposits will be accepted on any puppy until
they are Pictured on this page.

NON-REFUNDABLE Deposit required is $500

HOLD! Means we have a $500 deposit on the puppy
and puppy is NOT available

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Do you have clean newspapers to recycle? We can use them at the shop
Please bring with if you’re coming in to look at puppies or just to visit

Last Updated:
07/10/2024 @ 7:15pm

"Rayne" Boy
Golden Retriever
3/4 English ~ 1/4 American
Parents OFA and
Health Clearances

DOB: 04/24/24

"Tessa" Girl (B)
Toysize! Cock-A-Poo
DOB: 02/20/24


"Candy" Girl
Toysize! Malti-Poo
DOB: 03/25/24


"Flower" Boy (B)
DOB: 02/06/24


Watch For Photos of These COMING SOON Puppies
"JaeJae" Dachshund (DOB: 04/23/24) - All Longcoats
"Zest" CavaTzu (DOB: 04/24/24)
"Whitney" Chorkie (Chihuahua/Yorkie) (DOB: 05/21/24)
"Ireland" Pomeranian (DOB: 05/21/24)
"Juno" Porkie (Pom/Yorkie) (DOB: 05/22/24)
"Marsha" Maltese (DOB: 05/28/24) ---> BOYS ONLY
"Tatum" Teddybear (DOB: 06/01/24)
"Katie" Shih Tzu (DOB: 06/20/24)

POLICIES - Please Read...

Deposits are non-refundable. If you place a deposit on a puppy and fail to pick the puppy up as scheduled the puppy and deposit are forfeited unless another pickup date is mutually agreed upon. No exceptions.

Teacup/Tiny Toy
puppies are not available to homes with children as they are not a suitable size to make an appropriate pet for young children.
They can not be left for more than 2-3 hours at a time, if you must leave them longer - you are not a suitable home for them.

"Approximate" Adult Size Definitions*:
Teacup is 4 pounds or under
Tiny Toy is 4-6 pounds

Toysize is 7-10 pounds

Others are 10 Pounds and Up
*We do not guarantee adult size/weight of a puppy. They are living animals and there is no guarantee on how small/large they will grow (especially if a mixed breed) and growth is based on many factors, some of which are beyond our control (how often fed, food quality, how much being fed, table scraps, etc). However, we are normally within a few pounds.

Allergies: If you are considering a puppy and have allergies in the family, please make sure 1) your doctor clears the person with allergies to have a puppy, 2) pick a puppy that will work for your allergies and 3) do not allow the person/persons with allergies to touch any puppies upon entering the store as they may touch a shedding puppy they would be allergic too. If you are unsure of what type of puppy should work for allergies, please ask and we will tell you what “should” work for allergies (all depends on what the allergy is too). Please keep in mind, buying a puppy and then returning a puppy later due to allergies is NOT fair to the puppy and is quite stressful for them. As our number one concern is the welfare of our puppies, please be upfront about allergies so we can try to select a puppy that will work. Remember, a puppy is not a material item that you can just return without emotional harm to the puppy

We reserve the right to refuse the sale of a puppy to a home that we feel is not a good fit for the puppy. The puppies can not pick their own homes, they depend on us to make sure that their new forever family would be a good match for the puppy's breed/size/personality.

Be prepared to answer questions about the home you will provide for our puppies and please do not be insulted as we are doing what is in the best interest of our puppies. We do not get offended when we're asked questions. hence we do not expect our clients to get offended when we ask.

If you are looking for a place where you can buy whatever puppy you want, with no questions asked, because you have the money, then we are not the place for you to select your new family member from. We care where are puppies go and you will be asked questions and there is a chance we may refuse to sell you the puppy you want if we feel your home would not be a good fit for the puppy.

Effective May 1, 2016 if you need a copy of your lost/misplaced purchase agreement there will be a $25.00 fee charged to send a copy of the replacement document. The purchase agreement is your puppy's "birth certificate" as well as vaccination history and should be kept in a safe place. We recommend that our clients make a copy of the purchase agreement and ask your vet to keep a copy in the health file for your puppy...then you will always be able to get a copy if you lose/misplace it. 

Please Note:
We NO longer accept Personal Checks


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