Updated 02/06/15

Hello!  My fiance and I bought a puppy from you in February of this year.  We just wanted to thank you so much, and let you know how much joy she has brought us!  She is such a healthy, happy, and active puppy and we just absolutely LOVE her!!  Jim and I, along with our vet, were so impressed with how many shots you guys had given her before we bought her, and how healthy she was.  We couldn't be happier, and would definitely recommend anyone buy a dog from you!  We will definitely buy our next from you!  Thank you again!!  Abby P.  04/16/2010

The Morkie I purchased from you is doing fantastic…catching on to potty training very well.  Vet said a very healthy and happy puppy!  The whole family adores her and we can’t believe how well she is doing.  Barely a peep at night and fitting in well with the cat.  Thank you to both you and Sandy for answering all my questions and helping me through this process. Faye B.  04/26/2010

I just had to email you right away to tell you I just adopted the most amazing puppy from you! I came to  meet another puppy, but I ended up taking
London boy home. I could not have asked for a better baby. When I got him home I showed him around the house, his food, bed, and toys, and he started playing with the toys like he had been there before. It was so wonderful to see him feel so at home so fast! He is doing quite well with the potty training too, not one accident in the house all day! We set a buzzer to go off every hour, and by evening he knew when he heard the buzzer it was time to go out. I can hardly believe it! This just goes to show how smart he is, I was sitting on the couch and he came to me and gave a little bark and sat and looked at me, I took him outside and he pooped. Now I don’t know if this is a fluke or if he is really this smart! Either way I was quite amazed. I just can not say thank you enough for this beautiful addition to our family! 

Also I would like to let you know that working with Sandy (pretty sure that was her name) was a dream. She has the patients of a saint. I spent roughly 2 hours with her going back and forth between puppies. The whole time she was friendly and wasn’t bothered by any of my questions, or the many, many times I asked to see a few different puppies numerous times!  

I just cant say enough wonderful things about your service and puppies, you have made our family so happy!

Carrie H.  04/26/2010

Hi, I purchased a Boston Terrier from you on July 13,2008 We named her Peanut we love this dog she was the runt of the litter and she stayed small she ways 17lbs. I think she is a little over weight myself. I went to your web site and I don’t see any Boston terrier pups are you not breeding them any more? If not do you know anyone that is? Thanks Linda 08/14/2010

Hello, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you our new pug (Ms. Pugglesworth) is doing GREAT. You may remember we are the Mom & pre-teen boys who bought her from you about a month ago.

She is a sweetie and a real mama's girl. She is 99% housebroke with minimal effort and is a great addition to our family and our Bull Mastiff is in great fear when she puts him in his place. We are feeding her a new high calorie food 2x a day; which she really enjoys warmed up. (yes, she is a little spoiled). Just wanted to let you know!  Thanks, Marie  08/25/2010

Hi there!  I bought a puppy from you a couple of months ago (2010) and Sandy said I should send an update and pictures to let you know how he's doing.  (I included the picture off your website too so you know which puppy I bought). He is a wonderful little guy and we love him dearly.  He gets along great with all his brothers and sisters and I am so thankful to have him in my life!

And by the way, I really liked working with Sandy.  She's very knowledgeable and a real "go getter"...doesn't hesitate to say what's on her mind, which is a good thing working with people who want to buy a puppy and may not be aware of the responsibilities involved in owning one.   Thank you, Chris B.   09/08/2010

I just wanted to say thank you for selling me the most enjoyable little dog I have ever owned.  I bought Bits's Pup back in February 2010 and she is the most loveable and great dog. She is the first dog me and my family have owned since moving out of my mother's house 18 years ago and we couldn't have asked for a more lovable dog in the world. Thank you again ...Sincerely, Erin D.  11/09/2010

I just purchased my new little puppy from you and I wanted to thank you for providing us with our newest little bundle of fluffy joy!  I will be honest; I was a little nervous about purchasing a puppy that was purposely bred from various breeds because I used to be a breeder myself, and have learned a lot about breeding animals for the purpose of maintaining/improving the aspects of a particular breed.   So, I typically follow that protocol and belief of breeding pure-bred only, but I put that all aside when I decided to visit the store.

 The little pups at the store were looking for a forever home that I knew I could provide, and when I inspected the puppies I could tell they were in good health, were taken care of, and well socialized.  Therefore.... I couldn’t resist.  The hardest part was choosing which puppy.  My daughters were of assistance, and I had chosen the little male that was a mix of maltese/pomeranian and shih tzu.  His adorable features, beautiful coloring, and such cute white paws (which I call white fluffy boots) melted my heart. 

We named him Nitschke (after Ray from the Green Bay Packers) and we even gave him the middle name Valentino because he is such a lover.  Yes, I know it’s silly we give our pets middle names, but we think it gives them more character.   Our other dog Bristol is a border collie, so there of course is a big difference in size between the two, but you could never tell when you see them playing so well together, and even sharing the doggie bed.  Nitschke is Bristol’s little buddy!  My daughters love to carry him around and he will lay in my lap or in my arms for as long as he can.  I couldn’t have asked for more in a puppy.

I thank you very much for bringing Nitschke into our lives, and I only wish I had the room to take his little sister too. (who I would’ve taken if I hadn’t decided on Nitschke)  I have attached a photo of Nitschke for you so you can see how comfortable he has become in his new forever home. 

Thank you, Nichole B. (Brookfield)

I just wanted to re port that I bought little "Jake" on Jan  16th.  He  is perfect for us and so so good.  He does his business outside and  smart as can be.

He is in perfect health and we love him. Thank you for taking good  care of him.  I spoke to you several times and found you very helpful  and caring.  Attached is a picture of little Jake in his new home.

Thank you again and God bless you and your work: for the  Lord cares about his little creatures.

Sincerely, Rev. Angelina M.

Hi there...just wanted to email you the puppies (sassy and peanut) that I purchased the last part of july last year.  They were born March 20, 2009.   They are definitely one of the kids around our house.  They are the sweetest, smartest cutest little dogs.  The vet cannot believe how healthy they are, considering yorkies mostly have certain defects.  They are in excellent shape and health... and momma goes nowhere without them....Thank you so much for these adorable babies....
You will be highly recommended...and I always watch your website.

This is Mr. bojangles age 4 (maltese) and Rosie age 6 (maltese poodle).  Best dogs EVER!  Trudi

The pup is doing very well! She is one of the pom-yorkie-maltese mix from the 'zoey' litter. She will be a year old on January 24.  She's a healthy, happy, energetic girl.  And I know one of the concerns when I purchased the puppy was to get her spayed; which I did, and she is fully healed.  I've attached some pictures for you to see. Thank you again for the information you sent me; and for my healthy, perfect puppy! Jessica G.

I just wanted to send you an updated picture of our Morkie puppy Macy.  We LOVE her and she is such a welcome addition to our family!  Thanks again for providing us with such an adorable dog! Amy Z.

We LOVE our teddy bear puppy Fuji.  He is a male and son of Miss Priss born on 5/21/09.  He has been the best dog and everywhere we go folks ask us what he is, where we got him and compliment us on his personality and calmness, and his beautiful coat and coloring.  He is a joy and I am attaching  2 pics of him for your website. Thank you! Patti

I wanted to let you know that the puppy we purchased from you is doing well.  He is such a good boy.  Has been quite easy to potty train.  Thank you so much for holding him for us.  We love him. Dawn W.

I am wondering when/if you will have any yo-shi-poo's available?  My  sister (schreiner) got one from the Lemmon line about 6 months ago and I'm in love with that little guy.  I'm looking to buy in the end of summer. See photo attached.  Thank you! Christine

I just wanted to send you a picture of our little guy, Jasper.  We bought him from you in August 2009.  He is a YoShiPoo and his mom was named Lemon.  He is now almost 2 years old and weighs 9 lbs.  He is the sweetest little dog and we all love him very much.  Thank you for giving us such a wonderful addition to our family! Sincerely, The Hamanns

We adopted one of Ruby's boys.  C  We named him Max and he has given us so much joy and entertainment.  He is so adorable.  We got him a coat so he won't be too cold out there. Thank you so much for our little bundle of joy!   Jo Ann

Just writing to let you know how very much we love this puppy!  We named her TRIO because she is 3 colors, she was 3mo. when we got her, and she was our daughter's 3rd birthday present.  She absolutely loves our daughters.  She does get me up about 1am and 5am to go outside for puppy poops.  During the day she is doing great only 1 or 2 accidents a day at the most!  She really is a great puppy for my girls!  We love her, and so does our 7yr old yellow lab!  Thanks ~ The Caruso's

We are just checking in with you to let you know that we love our little Shih poo we purchased from you on Valentine weekend.  Our little "Lambeau" (his birth date was 11/23/10)  is a perfect fit for our family.  His temperament is wonderful - a lap dog at times and a playful pup at others.  After only 3 weeks of having him, he is already going to the front door when he needs to go outside!  We know he is happy and healthy and we wanted to let you know that as well.

Thank you so much for all the time you took with us to answer questions about training, etc.  Having a dog is a first for our family, and we couldn't be happier.

Thanks, Paula, Chris, Amanda, Sarah and Noah Z.

Mother's Day is coming this weekend, and it will mark one year already that I bought my Teddy Bear puppy, Henley, from you.  He is awesome and such a good boy!  I am enjoying him so much and thank you for making this proud Mom so happy with her puppy boy.  He has brought me so much joy and love this past year and we're looking forward to a wonderful lifetime ahead!  I have referred so many people to your store because they have fallen in love with Henley (named after Don Henley of the Eagles).  Lori

I wanted Carol to know that, with a broken heart, I let her know my sweet, beautiful and loving Katie (Audrey's golden moppet) that we adopted on Dec. 22, 2002, crossed Rainbow Bridge on Saturday, June 11th.   I want Carol to know all the joy, love and happiness Katie brought into our lives.  She was my baby, companion, best friend, confidant, and the light in my life.  She was with me 24/7 and life and home are so empty without her.  I'm attaching a few pics of Katie through the years.  Kind Regards, Joan F. (Ohio)

I just wanted to let you know again how much we love our new puppy, Sophie.  She is our first pet and we cannot say enough good things about her. I have attached 3 photos of her.  Please feel free to use any of them for your website. Thank you again for such a wonderful puppy.  She was 4 months old yesterday and weighs 4lbs.  She is the envy of all of our neighbors.  They have all offered to "doggysit" for us at anytime.  She was very easy to potty-train.  She only had 2 accidents in the house, which were in the first week of having her.  She has her ways of telling us that she needs to go out.  We crate her at night in our bedroom and that works really well. Thanks again for a great puppy! Toni F.

Just a note to tell how much we love our puppy from you.  His name is Bailey.  He is a male "Kia" Teddybear puppy that we picked up on July 16, 2009. He was born April 17, 2009.  He is so friendly with everyone he meets and with other puppy playmates.  Thanks again, Herb and Patti

I purchased my Ragdoll Puppy named Duke in 2008. I have never owned a better dog in my life. Smart, lover, watchdog. Everyone who meets him loves him but not like I do. I'm sorry I would like to say more but Duke wants to go to the bathroom and is telling me he has to go bad.   Thank You, David M.

Hi there last year 1/16/2009 I got a little teacup mopet we named her Diva and she truely is a DIVA! she is such a good girl she is now dancing with our teenage kids.. I have twins that have epilepsy and she will let us know when one of my twins is having a seizure.... we are so Proud of DIVA.... She has been doing her Job around here, and thats making us happy! Things we love about DIVA is that she greets us at the door everytime we walking and also that she is not a load puppy... she hardly ever barks.  She enjoys when I dress her up! I'm sure she knows the bag of build a bear by now....
We are so happy with her. thats what made me call you today and ask about your teacup Yorkie.. Thank You, Yesenia

We love him so much! He’s a pretty smart fella and a ton of fun to be around. Both my boyfriend and I are in college so there’s always a ton of people around and he loves it!  Thank you so much again.  I’ll try to attach the pictures we took of him again.    J Alyssa

Hi, It's Jesica... I call u every year on 2/25 to thank u for my angels!! They turned 5 this year ( minpin/chihuahua mixes ) and they are as happy and healthy as can be!! I LOVE them more then life itself and I could never thank u enough for them.  A year or so ago I sent u a little photo book with some fun facts about them - hopefully now u remember who I am.  Anyways thanks again for the greatest joy in my life!! Because of u I have experienced true love at first sight, as I think I have told u before I loved them the MINUTE I saw them and actually had tears rush to eyes because of the overwhelming feeling of joy....  I will never be able to thank u enough!! God Bless U..... Jesica


i just wanted to let you you that kirra adjusted just fine! she has already eaten her food twice now and is running around the house just fine! she loves my daughter alot, she follows her everywhere it just too cute! thank you so much for her she is the perfect addition to our family! ill will send pictures soon!! thank you, she is wonderful!! :) jessica and mazie!

Hello, We purchased one of your puppies some 8 years ago and love her to death to this day so, now that we are thinking of another puppy to add to our household, I of course, have been checking your website. I am interested in the Shih-Poo since thats is what we have and she is so so great. I noticed a little one named "Flirt" coming soon. Please tell me more.... boy/girl, etc. Thank you, Nanciana/Ana B.

Hi, We purchased one of Buttercups male puppies about 3 months ago.  We are LOVING him!  He is such a good boy and such a cutie pie.  Also, we were wondering if you will be breeding them again together?  My mother would love a puppy from them.  Thank you, April D.

We bought a male black moppet in july 2008, and we noticed you have pictures of the puppies on your website, Do you save the pictures at all? Because if you still had one of him, that would be awesome!! Thank you and we love our dog, his name is Archy now, and he has been an angel, your store is great and is definitely our "go to" puppy place:)  Thanks, Emily

Hello, my name is Andrew N. and my wife and I have recently started thinking about the possibility of getting a dog. My parents bought a black and grey schnoodle from you around 6 or 7 years ago that we absolutely love. I was just wondering if you would be able to tell me if you know when you may be having a schnoodle litter? Also we are not hard set on a schnoodle we just love his temperament and size. It is a causal interest so no rush in getting back to me. Thanks so much, Andrew N.

Hi, I bought my dog from you way way way back in April 1994. We had called your shop on a Sunday inquiring about the Bichon you had....My friend had called your shop and spoke with some lady, perhaps that was you??? Well anyway you had told him "she's the only one left and she's a real sweetheart....he came and looked at her and gave you a deposit ...hence that Monday, we adopted/bought her ....we actually were greeted by a huge dog which was walking around....our little one was "roomies" with a little weiner dog.....I don't expect you to remember.  I just wanted to let you know we named her Mandy...and she was an absolute Sweetheart ...you described her perfectly...she gave such unconditional love to us for 14+years...So so passive and lovable!  We put her down in the wee hours of this am for health reasons....which was the most difficult thing we had to do....she had lots and lots of friends I really don't expect a reply...I just felt I had to "tell" you what a wonderful dog you allowed us to have !!!  Perhaps someday we will be able to adopt another "small" Bichon  with a wonderful sweet disposition she had...of course, not to replace her but to start a new era  I do remember her parents were PINT SIZE MISSY AND COSMOS ROCKET....evidently she took after her mom cuz she never went over 10.5 lbs, thanks for reading this rambling note ( I am grieving ) Take care, Scott

Good Morning, My fiancee and I are looking to get another puppy from you as a playmate for our teddybear puppy "Wrigley" we got from you back in March. Our family has purchased over 15 dogs from you over they years and have been extremely satisfied. We were the store last Friday and saw the "Zena" boy shih malt and loved him. We were wondering if you would take $500 for him instead of $599. We have been looking at puppies on the internet for the last few days but none of them compare to him. Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to hearing back from you soon. 

We are happy to report that our little Yorkie-Poo, CoCo, is happy and thriving at her new home in Libertyville, Illinois. She will be 1 on April 18th, 2009 and we can't wait to celebrate, but we want you to pick your favorite picture of her and post it on your website.  Marisa,Brian,Thaddeus,and Simone  M.
Hello, We purchased Alice (female Maltese/Shih-Tzu, date of birth 01/09/08) from your store two weekends ago and Dani (male Maltese/Chihuahua, date of birth 011708) last week. We are loving and enjoying both of them ! Thank you. Have a wonderful day. 

Here are a few pics of Shelby.  The first is right after we got her, the others are recent.  I will check out the forums and continue to send business your way.  Chris G.

I have to tell you about the two puppies I purchased from you last fall.  They are Bichon-Poo boy and girl born 07/07/04.  Their names  are Chester and Chelsi and they are the most adorable and smart  puppies and are such a joy.  I've been so pleased and am glad that I  found you.  I've also enclosed a couple of pictures.   Kathy K.

Hopefully you can view this pic. We came over during the summer from  Michigan on the ferry to pick her up. She doing great and has made a  family of five children very happy.    Thank You,  Rebecca R.

Good Morning, Our family was lucky enough to adopt two puppies from you on St.  Patrick's Day of this year.  We went home with Hera, a female, half   Shih Tzu/half Bichon (Teddy Bear) and Zeus, a male, half Shih Tzu/half  Maltese.   Both puppies turned 11 months old this week.  Hera, a true Diva, weighs in about 12 pounds and Zeus, the man of the   house, bulks out at 14 pounds.  They are happy and very healthy.  In  our vet's words, "thriving".  They are the best of friends to each  other and to us. They love everyone who meets them and expect nothing less in return.  These two little munchkins have brought nothing but  joy to our family. You have truly made our family complete. I am attaching the picture we took this week to enclose in our  Christmas card.   Thank you again and Merry Christmas!!!! Michele B.

I just wanted you to know how happy I am with my dog that I purchased from you. I have a Jack Russell/Bichon mix that just had her 5th birthday 4/27.  I just wanted you to know that she is the sweetest and smartest dog I have ever had. She can also jump higher than you would believe, but that’s another story. Anyhow, thank you for your part in bringing my precious pup into the world. Thank you again, Sharon W.

Hello – my family bought one of your puppies three years ago – he is a Bichon Frise and his parents were Flower and Sprite (he was born 1-4-05)  – he is by far the greatest puppy in the world (smart, gorgeous, gentle)….I was wondering if you were going to have anymore pure Bichon puppies anytime in the near future? I just graduated from grad school and I want to buy a Bichon for myself and I am VERY impressed with you as a breeder so I wanted to stick to your puppies only.   Thanks!  ~ Luisa M.

Hello, We purchased a dog from you on March 16th 2007 at your West Allis store.  She is a cock-a-Poo/Maltese and was born on 1/8/07.  Her mother is listed as "Sprinkles" and father as a Maltese.  We are so in love with our dog we can hardly stand it!  She has such a wonderful temperament and has brought much joy to us!  We are wondering if her mother might be available, in the future, for sale (after her breeding years).  If so, we might be interested in her. --or also wondering if there might be another batch of "siblings" at sometime in the future with the same parents. We stopped in at the store a couple of months ago, and Sue could not remember any cock-a-Poo Maltese mixes at the store.  Thank you. Cindy K.

Hello,  This is Daisy! We are so happy that we have her! She is SO precious! We couldn't have asked for a better puppy! She's so mellow but she when we get home, she's SO happy and she wags her tail and barks! Obviously she's still being house-trained and that's a little frustrating but we'll get it! Thanks again for everything!  Aaron and Tiffany L.

Hi, I just wanted to drop a note on my baby I got from you about 3 weeks ago. She is just great. Her vet visit shows she is a healthy happy baby girl. Here is her first trip to the beauty parlor. Thank you so much. 
Nancy K.

Hi,  I bought the tea cup Pomeranian.  I believe you called her Muffin.  I just wanted to say Thank You!  I love her she is perfect.  I just took her to the vet for her check up and they confirmed she is healthy.  Thanks again for the wonder addition to our family.  We named her Madilynn "Madi".  Sue W.

My husband and I purchased two Terri-poos from you about 3 years ago. We love them dearly, and they are just fantastic.  Just wanted to share some current photos with you.  Thanks again.  Monika and Josh R.

Hello,  I was just on your website peeking at your puppies.  We purchased our "Trixie LaRue" from you just before Christmas.  She was from the Bows litter of Yorkie-Bichons.  She is the most fabulous dog in the world!  I have referred so many friends to you.  Do you have any more litters of that breed arriving soon?  Thanks for your time, and for such an outstanding puppy!  She has changed our lives in such a fantastic way!  Peggy S.

I purchased 2 male yorkies from you in May from the Paris liter and they are just
wonderful little guys. One was for my mother-in-law and the other is mine. ( they were both nurtured on Friday).   I can not say enough about how happy we have been with these puppies. I have given out your web-site to several of our friends. (One actually purchased a puppy!!).  And now we are considering buying 2 more. Again one for my mother-in-law and one for us. These are both adult homes and these little "babies" are being spoiled rotten!  You presently have 2 females on your web site one from Candy liter and the other from the Jillian liter. The Jillian puppy is on the  web-site. I was wondering what you would take for both dogs? Please call me and let me know.  Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon.  Vicki S.

We purchased a yorkie-poo that was born on 12/6/06.  Could you please tell me a couple things about his mother?  Our male is very small (5 lbs) was his mother the small one? Which breed was she, the yorkie or the poodle?  Reason I ask is because I would like to pick up a companion and I love everything about him. Size, color, personality... With that said, I would like to see if his parents are having or had another litter.  Thank you,
Dave S.

Hello again,  I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with "Alex" our Shih Tzu-Bichon mix.   Keep it up!  Thanks,  Barb B.

Hi, I have gotten a puppy from here and I just wanted to say that we love our Bichon-Poo we named her Sadie.  Halle

hi, Just wondering if you got my e-mail below?  I attached a picture of "Buddy" so you would remember.  He is now 4 1/2 months old and doing very well and VERY much loved.  Thanks, Vicki C.

Hi, Thought you would like to see a picture of my puppy at six months.  This is "Prescott" born March 20, 2008 and I LOVE him!  John

We are a Very Happy customer of yours. Zoey is two years old now. She is a Pom-Poo….the most loveable happy dog we ever had. Thought you enjoy pictures! We look at your sight all the time and look for Pom-Poo’s but have not seen any new up coming pup’s.  Thank you, Warren and Nancy W.

My husband and I adopted our little "Katie", a golden moppet of Audrey's, back in December 2002. She was a mere 2 1/4 lbs. when she came to live with us and now weighs in about 8 lbs. Since day one
Katie has brought so much love and laughter into our lives that I cannot possibly imagine life without her. I love spoiling her and she must have one of the best canine wardrobes around. She sleeps between us on the bed at night (under the covers if it's a bit chilly) and when I wake up in the morning her head is either on my pillow or resting on my neck. Her puppy kisses never cease to put a smile on my face. I've lost count as to how many toys she has...to sort them I need to use the under-the-bed containers and they seem to be throughout the house. The containers make it easy for her to search for a particular toy of choice for the day. There are times I can't seem to find her and then her head pops up out of one of the containers...it seems she likes to nap in them surrounded by her toys.  The first thing we did after adopting her was to fence in the back yard so she can be outside without having to be on a leash.  She loves car rides and goes with us wherever we go...she was even at my sister's funeral since it was out of state and I won't leave her with anyone outside the family. On her birthdays she gets treated with her own filet mignon steak (hey, she deserves it even if I eat a hamburger during the same meal, lol).  It was a long ride to Wisconsin and back to Ohio, but the trip was well worth it. She's my little girl and I love her to pieces.  Joanie

Mom will be disappointed, but she can visit Sunny!!!   Are ALL of your pups so sweet?  I've attached a picture of our Sunny girl!  We just love her to PIECES!  She is so fantastic with our five children (ages 2-12)!   She is a CALM little girl--with spurts of puppy frenzies.  She just turned 6 months old and seems to have the potty training thing down pat.  Now, I have to get my 2 year old daughter housebroken!  Hahaha!!!  Maybe Sunny can help!!!! 

We got Sunny when her previous owners lost their jobs and couldn't afford to keep her.  We felt very guilty  for taking her from this family under the circumstances, but they had to place her and we are SO happy to have her!  She fits right in and is a little love-bug!!!  She hugs and kisses us all the time and is just a JOY to be around!!    Thanks for our little addition!!  We LOVE her....OH!  And we also have 4 cats and a guinea pig, hamster, and fish tank full of guppies!!!  I'll also attach a picture of Sunny with Tickels, our guinea pig!  Thanks again! 

Thank you! I am sending a recent pic of the toy poodle we adopted. My  kids named him MetroNite bc they thought it was a strong name and would give him confidence since he is so small. I must say my kids  absolutely love him - he is always being kissed, hugged and played  with - they fight over him!  this is MetroNite today after his puppy grooming.  thank you again, Yvette S.

Here is a pic our our puppy, Zoey. (Honey TB 4-14).  She has been handled by many people in the first 2 weeks since we got her!  She is very, very good and everyone LOVES her!!!  Zoey has already met about 10 different kinds of dogs ranging from a Shih Tzu to Golden Retrievers.  She has been terrific.  She does not bite, bark or nip, and she has been awesome in in her kennel at night-letting us sleep the entire night!  We couldn't be anymore happy, and just wanted you to know that the care you take in breeding has helped make our life with Zoey very happy.  Thank you.  Rodney S., Connie W. & Family

I couldn’t wait for a reply after seeing your website. We were there on June 20th and bought one of the Echo Cock-A-Poo puppies – white with the black ears and large black spot on her side. We absolutely love her! She has been SO good with all my kids, easy to house train, and so much fun to have around. Our neighbors from across the street (who we had never met having lived there a year) came over and wanted to know where we got her. They too had heard about your website, so my kids were hoping they would go adopt our puppy’s sister!  The instructions you provided were very helpful. We did get her vet checked last week and even our vet was impressed with her. Thanks again! We have given your website info out many times. We are so pleased with our puppy – McKenzie!  Mary F.

Here is a picture of Kinsey Lou for her Birthday!  She will be 1 yr old on July 5, 2009.  We are very happy with Kinsey!  She is the apple of our eyes!  I am going over to my sister's house next week to take a picture of Maggie Mae and Kinsey Lou Together!  They always have play dates!  Hugs, Char

Thank you so much for the wonderful little puppy.  He is the sweetest little thing I have ever seen.  His name is Dexter.  He is doing great!  He is going to meet his new vet today.  I have attached a picture of his new masters. Thank you so very, very much!  Gayle M.

I bought my yorkie poo from you about 6 years ago,  I love her to death what a personality on her.  I attached her pic she is on the right from when I bought her and attached a now pic.   Kelly

I will definitely send pics of her! But we just have to find a time when she is calm! She's playing running around with one of our other dogs Zoey! But on the other hand my Chihuahua Cupcake doesn't like her. But she goes to the bathroom well and sleeps so so so cutely! (if that's even a word) All it well with her! Thanks so much for this beautiful Yorkie girl!  Thanks so so so so much!  The Hodorff family... Cupcake Zoey... and of course... Molly

We purchased our cock-a-poo about 2 years ago (picture attached).  We were wondering if you were going to have any more litters because we thought we may check out the girls.  We love our Chewey and his terrific personality.  Can you tell me if Janet will be having any more litters.  Chewey is chocolate brown and we just adore him.  Thank you,

These are pic's of dimples Litter, (  July 2007 )   "Miss Dazee" She is the best dog ever! We love her very much and she love's us.  Thanks for great breeding!  Joanne  R.

We are happy to let you know that the female {morkie} puppy we purchase from you on {Feb.15,09} is doing wonderful.  We named her {Sunny Love} Sunny is a great puppy and a great companion and my kids love her.  Sunny has brought much joy to our family. We just wanted to thank you for giving us the chance to make sunny part of our family.................Angie M

Here are a few pictures of "Tubby"  who was one of Karma's 10/14 liter.  My daughter helped pay for this little guy and is doing a very fine job raising him!! Great responsibility for her!!  Happy little guy that we must say!!   He was 3.2 lbs at about his 4.25 month point.  Thank you!  Janet

I purchased a Teddybear puppy from you about 5 years ago and we simply adore him. He has a wonderful temperament/personality and is 100% adorable.  My husband and I are currently looking for a Boston terrier and we were wondering if you ever breed these dogs. I don’t believe I have ever seen them on your site, but I had such a great experience with purchasing Marley that I thought I would check.   Thank you!   Amy L

Just thought I would send you this one of the boys. Doing very well, Jack is 9 months now and Tuffy is 2 years old.  Just like kids they grow too fast.  Hope you had a wonderful holiday season, and wishing a great 2009 for you.  Joanne E.

Hi, here are some Pics of Luvy (Toy Pomeranian) we just love her to pieces!! Thank you so much!!    Koval Family

Hello, My name is Yolanda and I am interested in your upcoming Bichon-Poos. I purchased one from you in 2010 now we are just looking for a companion for him. It does not matter the sex just want a playmate. He loves to have play dates with my mom's German Shepard. Thank you for your time, and for Haley, I have enclosed a picture of him, Yolanda M (12/06/12)

I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the yorkie/bichon pup we bought from you last July. Sammy is the most affectionate dog I have ever had! She is intelligent, spirited, playful and always running around with one of her many toys in her mouth. I check out your webpage about once a month just for the smile all those little cuties bring me! I like that you had posted a picture of one of your past pups as an adult dog. It helps a lot when trying to decide which one of the pups to choose. I am putting a pic of Sammy for you to see just how beautiful she is. You can use her pic for your site if you want. We love her soooo much! Kelly (12/08/12)

hi there!
my name is victoria and i just purchased my little pomeranian from you guys thursday december 6th. i forgot the ladies name that helped me out but she did a fantastic job of coaching me through what to do (this is my first puppy :)) i just had to let you know that i love my puppy! he is the best dog ever! calm but yet playful and doesn't bark a whole lot, and he gets along very well with my boyfriends dog (he got her from you guys too)! i named him charlie and ill attach some photos that im sure you'll enjoy. the lady that helped me loved him as well and told me to let her know how hes doing and wanted to see pictures. thank you again so very much! i will be returning if i decide to get another dog and i will definitely be referring you guys to everyone! :)  Victoria V. (12/11/12)

I recently bought another puppy from the store in west Allis and she said you like getting pictures of them. This is Lucy (Chiweenie purchased in June) and her new friend Peanut I purchased this last Friday. He likes her too. Both are sweethearts!! :-) Tammy J. (12/4/12)

We love our special little teddybear named Bailey that we purchased from you. Thanks again, H & P (01/11/13)

Good morning, We recently purchased a female TeddyBear puppy (Bichon, Poodle, Shih Tzu) mixed. SHE IS ADORABLE. Our girls love her and gave her the name Charlotte cause she i so sassy. I just wanted to say thank you! This experience so far has been great. Your staff is very professional and I highly recommend Preppy Pups to anyone who looking to become a new dog owner. Attached are two pictures: One of Charlotte - Teddy Bear we purchased and One of Ivy - Shih Tzu the puppy our neighbor purchased on the exact same day! Sincerely, Cherie H. (01/17/13)

Hi, Beautiful does not describe her. She is just gorgeous. She is wonderful. She has the greatness personality. She is so much fun. I am glad you didn't keep her we love her so much. We named her Pippi. Potty training going well. She is eating well. She goes for a check up tomorrow and starts puppy class on the 17th. She hates the crate but I don't blame her. We are bad parents she sleeps with us at night. But mom needs her sleep. She sleeps thru the night. Saturday she went out at 10:30 and slept til 6. We were very surprised and no accidents. We are hoping to use her as a therapy dog when she gets older. I will send pictures as she grows up. And thanks again for letting us have her. Bridget N. (2/4/13)

Hope your enjoying your time in Florida. Here are a few pictures of her. She is such a cute. We fell in love with her the moment we set eyes on her. She has been doing real good. She is seeing our Vet tomorrow just to be checked over and see if she is ready or needs any shots at all. The girl at the store when we pick her up was very nice to work with. Thanks for checking in. Enjoy your time that you have left in Florida. Nancy K. (3/3/13)

Just wanted to send a note and say "thank you" for our sweet little Jasper.  We bought him from you a little over 3 years ago and he's the sweetest little guy ever! His mommy is Lemon. I noticed there is only one picture of a Yoshi-Poo in your client pictures and was hoping you would add our little guy. Best Regards, Janet H. (3/20/13)

Hi, I wanted to say thanks for much for such a well-behaved puppy. Everyone LOVES him. He pees on pads or outside, no whining and very playful. His initial vet check went great. He's adjusted so well, the kids adore him. He won my husband over which us hard to do. Lol. If all goes well I would love to get him a sister in the near future. Thanks again, Theresa N. P.S. we named him Toby (4/7/13)

Hello there! My family has purchased two dogs through Preppy Pups, and we promised you that we would send updated pictures of the two teddy bear puppies. We purchased Emmy (the white and brown teddy bear) in June of 2012 and Zoey (the black teddy bear) in December of 2012.  They have both brought so much joy and happiness to our family and are the best of friends.  They also get along well with our 13-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Muskie. We clearly will be looking in the future to purchase another Teddy Bear from Preppy Pups. Attached are pictures of our Teddy Bears that we promised pictures of. Thanks. Dave, Pam, and Whitney C. (4/9/13)

I wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our puppy.  Jay Jay is such a sweet dog. He absolutely loves my female Papillon, and it is amazing how gentle she is with him.  She’ll lay there and let him climb all over her. I attached a current picture of him, so you can see how nicely he is maturing. Thank you, Bill W. (4/10/13)

Wookie weighs 2 pounds 9 ounces. He just had a check up this morning at the WVRC in Waukesha and they all love him. Picture number 2 is Wookie on the left, Caillou in the middle – his birthday is 11/30/08 and his mom is Jazz, and Gizmo on the right – his birthday is 4/13/11 and his mom is Peaches. We love them all and they are family. Thank you so much! Joann M. (4/22/13)

First, I have to tell you "Rumple" has been a great addition to our home. He is such a good puppy and everyone that meets him absolutely loves him. He has been learning relatively quickly and a great personality. Also, Sandy at the store is amazing. I was truly impressed with her customer service and love for the puppies in the store. Thanks again for everything. And if in the future I am looking for another puppy I will definitely return to preppy pups.  Thanks, Matt L. (5/22/13)

Hi! We purchased a toy Sheltie from your store in July, 2012.  He is wonderful! I have attached a recent picture.. Do you have any more Shelties? I have not seen any on your website. Sincerely, Patti P. (5/29/13)

Hi everyone at Preppy Pups! 
In March, my family and I went through the process of trying to adopt a shih-tzu/bichon from a family who could no longer take care of it. Unfortunately, he was a little more than a 26 year old could care for, and I was heartbroken. Luckily, one of our family dogs came from your family's business. My mom called originally for advice, but ended the conversation with the idea of looking at currently available puppies. The shih-tzu/bichon who needed a better home, was able to go to our neighbors, who were unknowingly quite ready for a new addition. While it was so wonderful that he was able to be placed into such a loving, wonderful home, I was hoping to find a new addition of my own. The staff at Preppy Pups were so wonderful and accommodating with questions, frequent calls, and then prepping one very, very special puppy. He started out as a picture online and "'Tess' Boy (B)" but once we met, he instantly became Beacon and all that I was looking for.
Beacon is not only a beautiful, healthy little pup - he is everything one could hope for in a pet. He's smart, energetic, and has quite a personality of his own. I wanted to let you all know that you do such amazing work, and I am so happy to have him. I've told everyone up and done the East Coast who has met Beacon about your business, and they all want to make the trip to get their very own! We had such wonderful luck with Cody, our first pup from you guys, and have continued luck with our 2nd!
I've attached a few pictures to add to your website if you'd like! Thank you again and best of luck with all future pups!  Ruthie G. (5/31/13)

Hi, I am writing to let you know how the Yorkie puppy DOB 2/15/13, now named Rebel, we got from PreppyPups in West Allis on May 9, 2013 is doing. Simply, he is just wonderful and we absolutely love him! I've included a picture of him so I hope you remember him. He is doing great in puppy classes with training, is great with my daughters, and has a wonderful temperament. Denise N. (6/4/13)

I just wanted to share the cutest pictures of the best " puppy brother " as my daughter refers to him as! We purchased Maximus AKA Max from you 2/14/13 and he is an absolute joy and we love him dearly. Thank You, Heather H. (6/16/13)

My husband and I have bought a few pups from you in the past that were tiny toys and one that is a teacup and we love them so much! We are inquiring on the tiny toy female Chiweenie puppy born on 2/26/13 (Giggles girl – chocolate/tan smooth coat). Whatever information you can provide us about her would be greatly appreciated!! We may want to stop by to see her. Thank you! Have a good day! Aileen & Chris F. (6/24/13)


It will be 1 year (July 7th) that I first set my eyes on one of Summer’s girls. I had gone to initially see the boys she had and when I picked up one of her girls I melted and fell instantly in love with her. She picked me and I am so happy that she did! Her name is Mia and she is the best dog ever…even though this is my first dog. Since I was little I wanted a dog but my parents didn’t want one. So after all this time I finally got one. Since I have had her 3 of my friends have bought a puppy from you and they are as happy as I am about their dog.

I want to thank you so much for breeding such happy healthy puppies. Mia is very friendly and loves children, adults and other dogs. Whenever I am out with her, which is almost all the time people stop me constantly asking to pet her and what kind of breed she is and where I got her. My life changed when I got her and I love her for that.

Again Thank You for Mia, I could not imagine life without her!  I have attached a pick of her when I first got her and more recent pic.

Angela H. (6/26/13)

We are the Wallin family and purchased a puppy maltipoo over Mother's day weekend at Preppy Pups. We are first time dog owners and I can tell you there is no puppy remorse what so ever.  His name Finn and we couldn't have asked for a better pup. He is absolutely amazing and loved so much! He is so smart and at 18 weeks he's potty trained, walks wonderful on a leash, doesn't bite, or chew on things that aren't edible. Also by the 2nd night we had him, there was no crying through the night or at any time while in his kennel. Family and friends comment always on how impressive his behavior is. He is lovable and great with people and children. He has been a blessing to our family! We are truly greatful and thank you so much for a creation well done. We hope you continue to breed these pups as we highly recommend them. Keep up the good work! Adam, Jennifer, Jackson, and Gabby W. (7/12/13)

Hello. A little over 6 years ago I got a puppy from a litter from Mika. I LOVE her! She has been one of the best things that has happened to me! We where thinking about adding a 2nd pup into our family and sense our Burberry has been wonderful I was wondering if mika would be having any more litters? Because Burberry has such a good temperaments and disposition we would like to have another one from her mom. I have attached a picture of her. -Mellonie- (10/16/13)

Hi There, thanks again for allowing us to get "BOO" she is a real sweetie.  As for Sandy - she is one AWESOME person - keep her! She is such a sweet person and so nice to work with - not that you aren't but we actually got to meet her :).  Thank you for working with us in with the financing too it all worked out so nice and smooth. I appreciate all the help and the little one - we love her!  Terri N. (10/21/13)
My husband purchased little Gizmo from Preppy Pups for my Birthday. She is the SWEETEST little long hair Chihuahua. I was so afraid of taking her home because I have a 10 year old American Eskimo, but Sandy explained exactly how to introduce them and it worked. I have attached a picture of my little girls. Thank you so much!! Bonnie M. (10/30/13)

Hello we wanted to tell and show you our puppy at her forever home. She is a joy and spunky as can be. She was named by our grandson Jacob. We were talking about names and he was on the floor with her and said nana you should call her Nibbles because she nibbles on everything ,fingers, toes toys and all. So her name is Nibbles and we love her. We had to put our dog of fourteen years down and we missed having the companionship of a pup around. As you can see our grandson loves her too. They play all the time. I think Nibbles likes him best because he is down on the floor with her at her level. Thanks  Ron and Sandy S. (10/31/13)

We bought our little Rufus, a yorkie poo on July 13th from Preppy Pups, and just could NOT be happier!  He quickly fit right in with his two kitty “sisters” and has the best temperament and personality!  He does great with all people, all other dogs, and has caught on to lots of tricks already. Here are a few pictures of our little guy, maybe he can make the picture wall of fame!

Thanks again, Sandy at the store (I hope I have the name right) was wonderful as well, you can tell how much she cares for all the pups!! Shannon C. (10/31/13)