Adult Teddybears

Ragdoll  Puppies  are the same as Teddybear or Shichon Puppies and are available in Tiny Toysize (5-7 pounds), Toysize (8-10 pounds) and regular size (11-14 pounds)

Ragdoll Puppies are a combination of AKC Shih Tzu & AKC Bichon Frise. The only "true" mix for a Ragdoll.  Exact same mix as a Teddybear or Shichon.

Ragdoll Puppies are non-shedding and are generally great for people with allergies

Their temperament is exceptional!!  They are excellent with children. They are "Gentle Companions for Children and Affectionate Lapwarmers for Seniors"
Ragdoll Puppies are smart & housebreak easily!! They aren't diggers or chewers. They are also gentle with other animals

Puppies are sold at around 10 weeks of age with detailed house training and care instructions so things go smoothly. Current on shots and a written immediate health guarantee and two year hereditary guarantee.  Vet checked and mother approved!

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